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Venice - Italy

I arrive in a city of islands connected together by around 400 bridges, a city where I can find picturesque corners randomly in every step I take, and where boats replace cars. Between the labyrinth of curving walls and roads, I feel like I'm in a mysterious novel. I might get lost, but this is a perk of visiting this city, bringing me a good surprise all of a sudden. By this surprise, I can witness the beauty of canals, a sunset view in front of an old hotel or find myself sandwiched between two old buildings in a very narrow street just by the side of the canal. 


When eating a delicious cicchetti in a bar in Dorsoduro accompanied by an ombra, or sipping my coffee in Caffe Florian, time flies and everything feels so right and perfect at that moment. 


Gondolas passing by the canal become the most usual yet very alluring figures like on a painting I like to watch. Also, charming places full of people standing all time with a glass of wine, old men with fancy scarves and fedora hats, ladies with their cute puppies, a group of stylish young people probably studying fine arts, and old buildings worn by green algae on surface and licked by the waves as they lap against the walls complete the scene on my painting canvas of Venice. And what brings me back to this city is definitely this imaginery painting saved on my mind.

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