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I was born and raised in Istanbul, my favorite city in the world. I'm always into exploring my city's neighborhoods, the lives & stories of locals, taking a look at the artisans' ateliers and searching for the history behind everything. It's very unique, and has different cultures from different nations, that's why this city never makes you bored. 

Below is the description of some of the things we'll do/see/taste in this tour:



* On this tour we'll walk through Beyoğlu, Galata, and Eminönü. I'll show you the 'off the beaten path' of these 3 neighborhoods while visiting the old-style passages, a hidden church, and my favorite non-touristic stores. Then we'll take a break at the best (Turkish) coffee place alongside the delicious treats, talking about the city.


* As we're walking around the streets -most of them are very old and picturesque-, we stop several times to meet the inspirational artisans in their ateliers and store keepers of the area. 


* Having a look at the historic buildings with interesting stories behind them. If you want, stepping into the secret store inside a historic han to buy Turkish mustard. 


* Witnessing the different influences on architecture. Seeing some buildings, once home to the Jewish, Greek and Genoese population. 





* Visiting an old archive of the Ottoman Bank, ancient han (inn), a gallery, and a Genovese street. 


* Walking through the old market street, watching the locals buying their coffee packages and stopping by one of the most beautiful mosques of Istanbul, with traditional Iznik tile art on the walls. 


* Tasting pide, a Turkish pita mostly made with a special type of cheese or meat. 


* Ending the tour, sitting under the vine trees with Turkish tea

Join me on a tour!
Reserve your spot or tell me what you need to know about. 

Thank you!

This tour included a cup of Turkish coffee, some Turkish dessert treats, traditional pide (Turkish pita) and Turkish tea with some helva in the places I chose.  


Also, as a bonus gift I prepare 'city notes' for the participants of my walking tour. Depending on your tastes, I advise you on your itinerary (for ex: specific stores, restaurants, bookstores, museums, hamams, cocktail bars, historic buildings list) as a copy. 


I can't wait to show you the pieces of the 'magical mosaic', aka Istanbul. If you're interested in exploring Istanbul with me, join me on a walking tour that usually takes 4-5 hours. 

Feel free to fill the form or contact me at 

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