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Mercado Culture // Mexico

As I stumble upon the name of Tepoztlan in a guide book and check its pictures taken in the 'mercado', I want to be sure this place quenches my thirst for the scenes of a traditional open market in Mexico. Arriving here, after a couple of hours by bus from Mexico City center, I'm satisfied with what I see in the middle of a road lined with stalls at both sides. These stalls bringing a diverse differently than what I experience in Mexico City are full of pre-Hispanic flavors, local veggies, fruits, plants, bakery products, countless types of handcrafts and look like complimenting the way villagers live with their traditions inherited from Mayans and Aztecs. Among all entwined colors making me dizzy, I get drunk of different smells and noises but still, I feel the fresh air coming from the picturesque mountain overlooking the village from the top and I have the chance to savor this "sweet chaos". After a while, I think it isn't until I see this place that I can understand what a 'tianguis' or 'mercado' means to Mexicans. 


Aside from market area, Tepoztlan is also a drawcard for the ones who want to experience a spiritual ritual carried out by the experts and a spa massage in an isolated atmosphere deep in the mountain. 


It doesn't matter either you go on a journey in Tepoztlan to explore the various products of village markets or seek out inner peace, you see it's worth visiting. 

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