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Oaxaca & Yucatan - Mexico

After the city life of Mexico City, I'm travelling to the south of the country, Oaxaca and Yucatan Peninsula which sits at the north of the country and serves mostly for those who are into summer vacations at the gulf coast. For me, as a mezcal (an alcoholic drink similar to tequila) lover, visiting Oaxaca shows me the way how they produce mezcal of agave plants and how they consume it. It's interesting to see they drink this agave flavored drink with the glasses that seem to be taken from the churches. Back in the day, it has been said, these glasses with the sign of the cross at the bottom which can be only found in churches with candles inside were found and used by poor men who wanted to get drunk by mezcal -the cheapest short drink at that time. But still, these drinks are served in the same style glasses as they want to keep the tradition. There is also something pleasant about exploring the colorful streets of Oaxaca while feeling so cozy where everything is in a short walking distance, unlike Mexico City. Cafes to drink hot cacao, restaurants to eat delicious quesadillas accompanied by margarita, street vendors to give a try on 'esquites' make me salivating for everything I run across. 


As the last spot of a one-month long trip to Mexico, I ended up in Yucatan; spending a week in Merida, Valladolid, and Tulum. The colonial architecture of Spaniards with eye candy details, Mayan ruins such as Chichén Itzá telling mysterious stories, incredibly beautiful natural sinkholes called 'cenotes' which add an extra value to the Yucatan, and maze-like streets with pastel-colored houses that look like coming out of a child's painting book are a common sight rewarding me in this part of the Mexican trip. 

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