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Mexico​ City

Here is the city of contrasts where traditions and modernity intertwine. You can witness loads of costumes, in the way of food, clothing, and celebrations, inherited from old generations yet there is modernity which feels familiar from the Europe. Mexico City is a city of chaos, but it's possible to find peaceful and silent corners especially around big green parks with art deco details, full of puppies, young skaters and locals -mostly white-collar workers who want to take a break in the day. On the streets, there are plenty of food stalls where almost every traditional Mexican food are on offer, features a lot of corn tortillas and different kinds of salsa sauce that  I seem to know from some street food documentaries. On the other side, conceptual restaurants and bars of Roma Norte, a neighborhood which manages to be successful to satisfy the ones who want to try Mexican cuisine but also never go far from the world cuisine. 


All day I dream about Frida and Diego, I have a chance to visit some places where Gabriel Garcia Marquez spent time when he was living in Mexico City, and it doesn't take me long to see why this city is so magical. It doesn't give its beauty easily at once, but as I dig up, I reach the stars buried underground. 


On the other hand, now I clearly see that -especially after the movie, "Roma" of Alfonso Cuaron- Mexico City is also home to a monochrome world as well. This world seems very ordinary from far, but it obviously has its own colours inside. Poor and tired people, who have to work with long hours but earn a little amount of money, belong to this colourful city as much as the others. 


A trip to Mexico City is a perfect way to get closer to the Mexican culture, modern and art deco architecture in some colonias, experience some of their traditions through a festival or celebration and have a chance to eat the most delicious food in a Michelin star restaurant, such as the well known Pujol, and at some food stalls that you can probably run across in every corner of the city. And, last but not least, this city is the place for exploring the best Mexican music as listening to a random Mariachi band in Garibaldi Square. 

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